Play Sideboard

Everybody owns some kind of memorabilia – a souvenir from the last vacation or photos of friends and family.

They often remind us of bygone events that are very precious to us. Even if we are not able to turn back the hands of time, it’s these objects that help us to bring back those enjoyable memories.

To be precise: We don’t even have to choose memorabilia by ourselfs. How often do we encounter an object, a smell or a taste by sheer coincidence, that suddenly reminds us of something special

Furniture manufacturing has a similar meaning to me. I want my furniture to cause a positive reaction. What exactly that is I can’t and I don’t even want to decide.

Many people told me, that the way how I build the “Play Sideboard” reminds them of their childhood construction kits. I never played with those kinds of toys, but I can relate to it, when they say, that it brings back memories of being carefree and playful.

Manufacturing my furniture is like a game to me. I might draw a rough sketch at the beginning, but the finished furniture rarely looks like I planned it in advance. It’s the constructive form of the “Play Sideboard” that allows me to attach almost every component almost anywhere. You could say they are my “toys”, that I use to freely express myself during any second of the manufacturing process.

This is very important to me. If I wouldn’t work like this, I would deny myself the freedom to stray from the original path and to discover new things along the way. If nothing else, I really think that it’s this curiosity and openness, that made our childhood such a pleasant experience, that we love to remember.

Material: oak glass oil coating
Size: L250 B75 H85cm