Light Tree

A tree embodies consistency and life. It’s not an immutable object, but changing all the time. Every day it grows a few micrometers.

New branches emerge and transform its visual appearance, but its basic form stays the same. It will always be a tree, whose individual components fulfill very specific functions.

My goal was to transfer this adaptiveness to a modern floor lamp – the “Light Tree”. Like a tree I wanted the lamp’s arms to “grow” naturally. To achieve this, I refined a concept that I had already discovered before

A few years ago I was working on the design for a small table lamp. I didn’t want it to be static, but adjustable to meet the needs of its user. So I came up with the idea to incorporate plug and screw connections to keep the alignment of the arm always customizable, like the parts of a construction kit for children.

I realized that this way of constructing allowed me to work more freely. Unlike before, when every detail of the furniture had to be pre-planned, I was now able to rearrange the various components throughout the whole manufacturing process. Now every part could be used almost anywhere.

If you take look at the “Light Tree” now, you can see how its structure “grew” during its creation. Its form is not forever determined. Like a tree, it can always be adjusted to new situations and demands. Literally or merely in the mind of the spectator.



Size: H180-245/L80-230/W70-230(cm)