Many people consider my “Play Furniture“ to be objects that should be categorized somewhere between everyday objects and art.

So it is understandable that they are curious to know if there is anything that I might want to express through my work. They ask themselves questions such as: “Why did he choose to build a chair this time?“ or “Why does it look the way it does?“ The answer is actually quite simple:

My “Play Furniture“ and their construction style are like toys that I created for myself. It is pure selfexpression.

I really enjoy working with an open mind, discovering new things by try and error and coming up with the perfect blueprint while working on the project. For myself, this is the biggest incentive for manufacturing this kind of design furniture, and I think almost constantly about what else I might be able to build using this technique: Other furniture, smaller everyday objects, statues of animals or plants, or even whole houses.

The fact that I decided to build a chair has no special reason or deeper meaning. Trying out new things and creating is the most important part of realizing any of my projects. The shape develops while I’m working on it. It’s perfect when I feel it’s perfect.

Building a chair simply seemed to be a fun experience, and if the day ever comes when I no longer feel this joy and excitement to create furniture in my current style, it will be time to move on and find a new technique, a new toy for myself.


Material: oak  oil coating


Material: oak  oil coating
Size: L41 B41 H46.5cm    
 Made to Order