PLAY Round Table

It’s my goal to keep work playful. When I was a child, I never felt the need to follow a strict plan, while trying to be creative. Without ever thinking about it, I allowed myself the freedom, to act on intuition.


The way I construct my Play Furniture really embodies this idea. I don’t want to have a clear vision of how my furniture will look from the get go, I love to surprise myself when I’m working. Obviously there are always some external factors that impact my work.


In this particular case it was the high weight of the tabletop, that had to be taken into consideration while designing the base of the table. Working with wooden plug connections gives me a great amount of creative freedom, but on the flip side each plug has to carry a lot of weight on a relatively small surface. So the main task was to find a way to distribute the load on as many plugs, as needed to get a stable structure. That way my first idea to create a single leg table base proofed to be impossible, but piece by piece

I found a way, to match the static requirements with my vision of how I wanted the design to look. The result is a true symbiosis of art and functionality.

Every element of the table has not only aesthetic meaning, but is truly essential for its stability. This is also true for the incorporation of the brass bars, that add an elegant contrast to the simplicity of the wooden elements. You could also interpret this as the visual expression of the harmony between my playful work approach (wood) and the technical functionality (brass), that was decisive for the whole building process. For the coloring of the oak wood

I used chalk again. I like the way how I have to get my hands dirty to apply it directly on the material.

Moreover, it gives the wood an especially organic looking color, that creates an irreproducible covering power depending on the structure of the surface. That way the uniqueness of each piece is preserved instead of being erased.

Material: glass, brass,Black Chalk coated oak

SIZE: H75cm Ø150cm