PLAY Anima 2022

I love starting a new project. Everything begins with an idea and ends with a finished object, that
did not exist before. But is the physical aspect really all there is to it? The belief that objects can
have some kind of soul or memory is nothing new.
The Latin word ‚animare‘ translates to ‘animate‘ or ‚to bring life to something‘, which now has ‚Anima‘, a soul or life force.
    There are artisans in Japan that specialize in creating Buddha statues. It’s been said, that they
work with such devotion, that some of their energy transfers on the statue while they carve out the
shape of the Buddha.Even though I am not creating religious objects, I always felt that my work is also not merely aphysical one.          
For the ‚Play-Anima‘ Series I decided to build every object out of leftover pieces form my previous furniture. Each of those has already been custom-made by me before and carries the spirit and
memory of the old project.

During the whole building process I concentrated completely on following my intuition and
bringing life to the new pieces.
And since all ‚Play-Anima‘ are not furniture, but decoration
objects, I was able to work even more freely outside the constrictions of previous forms and rules.
To underline this natural approach, I choose linseed oil paint, which is made of all natural
ingredients, for the coating.
The hand-carved surface of the ‚Play-Anima‘ can be seen as a homage to the techniques of the
Buddha artisans. It also allowed me, to create a more lively appearance and to work more
intensively with the material.
I hope that I was able to bestow the ‚Play-Anima‘ with their own spirit, that enables them to bring
life to their new environment.
Size:D30 W30 H30cm
Size: D21 W21 H21cm
Size: D16 W35 H21cm
Size: D15 W30 H25cm
Size: D11 W30 H25cm
Size: D30 W36 H44cm
Material: oak,beech, linseed oil paint