Sometimes you only realize that you embarked on a new journey after taking the first steps.

The ‚Light Tree’ floor lamp was my first big project, that incorporated the use of universally useable elements, a concept that I discovered accidentally, when I was working on a small adjustable table lamp. Creating the ‚Play Sideboard’ became the next step in this technical evolution.

Everything else fell into place, once I discovered a new wood coloring method during the manufacturing process of the ‚Chalk Cactus’ room divider

With every project I found new opportunities and ways to apply my concept and work more freely. I knew right then, that I wanted to use this technique to create even more complex structures.

In that sense the ‚Play Cabinet’ represents the current peak of a journey, that is still far from finished. I can’t wait to go ahead and test my method on other furniture and even bigger projects.
Who knows which new and interesting things I might find along the way …

SIZE:W123 D90 H210cm

Material: glass, Cholk coated oak